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also when i was a kid the biggest thing that fucked me up was ok.. these ppl came to our school to do a puppet show and there was a scene where the puppets where being tossed into the air idk what the context was ok and these were like hand puppets and so they started throwing the puppets in the air… BUT THEN THE PUPPETS CONTINUED TALKING WHILE THEY WERE IN THE AIR… NOT ATTACHED TO ANY HANDS OR STRINGS………. I STILL DONT UDNERSTAND HOW…………………..

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movie theaters are actually really cute like a bunch of strangers come together to watch a movie together with snacks and candy and laughing and crying aw good job movie theaters i see what you did there


Me // Royal Albert Hall, London

About 20 seconds before I recorded this, Matty turned around from facing George, to the Royal Albert Hall completely lit up with mobile phones, lighters, etc. He was so taken back and literally mouthed “wow”. His face in this short clip says it all - and then he started crying.

I can’t even believe I got to witness it all, and from the second row. I miss it already. Best night of my life.

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When you’re talking shit about someone then they walk past you

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hello world i’m willingly awake before noon and trying to adjust to this strange new lifestyle

i just fucking poured orange juice into my coffee

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The best part of a concert is when all the lights go out and everyone knowS the band you have been waiting ages to see is about to come on AND EVERYONE STARTS CHANTING AND THEN THE MUSIC STARTS AND EVERYONE SCREAMS and that’s what I live for